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Hi, our name is Planted

We create delicious meat from plant-based proteins, focusing on the perfect bite and taste.

We only use clean ingredients.

No additives.
No artificial coloring.
No artificial flavors.
No E-numbers.
No enhancers.
No nasties.
in one word
No Bulls***.

Check the label

Some plant-based meats contain shampoo or printer ink ingredients.
We produce our juicy meat from peas, sunflower and oats with the addition of water, canola oil and vitamin B12. No E-numbers, artificial flavors, colors or other artificial additives or for example mthyl cellulose, which is found in printer's ink.

No Additives
100% Plant Based
Made with peas
High in protein

The new standard for plant-based meat.

The new standard for plant-based meat.


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