We make a science of it.

We challenge the status quo. With our love for food, for our environment, and our passion for science.

Our knowledge of plants and their individual components as well as the use of state-of-the-art analytics and process technology enables us to produce delicious, clean and natural products without long lists of additives.

Our goal is to develop plant-based products that are perfectly tailored to the needs of consumers through culinary as well as scientific know-how and innovation.

It all starts with the fibre.

Not only animals have what it takes to make fibres from plant proteins - we can do it too. Only much more efficiently. Thanks to our well-controlled production process and a deep love for our products, the resource-intensive and cruel step of conventional meat production can be skipped without culinary losses. Just skip the animal.

Our production process

In a process similar to kneading dough, we mix protein flour, vegetable fibres, rapeseed oil and water and heat the whole thing while continuously increasing the temperature. The first boiling makes the mass nice and soft and then we use fine blades to create the fibre structure that is very close to meat. We continuously optimise our production processes with customised, patented solutions that improve the quality of our product, maximise automation and minimise waste.

No chemicals, no additives: the manufacturing of our products is 100% natural and uses only mechanical and thermal processes.