We make a science of it

We challenge the status quo. With our love for food, for our environment and our passion for science. Our goal is to develop plant-based products that are perfectly tailored to consumer needs through culinary as well as scientific know-how and innovation.


In terms of taste, naturalness and health, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet consumer demands. Traditional food approaches will no longer suffice in the medium to long term - and this is exactly why we are using biology as inspiration to create the meat substitute of the future.

Inspired by nature, Planted pioneers a novel biostructuring approach that combines protein structuring and biotechnology. Using various proprietary technologies, Planted designs and structures alternative proteins in any size, shape, and fibrous texture and is convinced that biostructured proteins will outperform animal meat in the future in terms of taste, sustainability, health, efficiency and price. Planted is committed to using only clean and natural ingredients and no additives in all its products - making it a healthy and sustainable option for all. Truly better than animal meat.

plant-based goodness

In addition to water, a little oil, a healthy portion of vitamin B12 and spices, our products consist mainly of plant proteins and plant fibres. We have set a goal for each component to fulfill technological, sensory and physiological functions in order to avoid long lists of ingredients.

  • Pea protein

    Currently, we mainly use the protein of the yellow pea – pisum sativum, which contributes to a healthy diet through its complete amino acid profile. Legumes, which include peas, can bind with nitrogen in the soil in symbiosis with soil bacteria and therefore generally manage without additional nitrogen fertilisers.

  • proteins

    Proteins not only fulfill vital functions in the human body, but their functionality is essential for the fibrous structure of our products. Due to the shearing and thermal treatment during the extrusion process, the proteins arrange themselves in meat-fibre-like structures and solidify, as we are familiar with from protein solidification.

  • sunflower protein

    The sunflower protein in our planted.pulled helps to form long fibre structures, creates a subtle nutty taste and gives a darker colour. We also give a second life to the press cake from the sunflower oil production.

  • oat protein

    Oat protein complements the amino acid profile of pea protein with sufficient levels of methionine and cysteine and is therefore an ideal addition to our product portfolio.

    Diversity is not only important for our food, but also for agriculture. Therefore, we rely on various plant-based raw material sources today and in the future.

scientific collaborators

scientific advisors

  • Prof. Alejandro Marangoni

    Material Science

  • Prof. Peter Fischer

    Food Science

  • Christelle Chevalier


  • Prof. Erich J. Windhab

    Food Process Engineering

  • Prof. Alexander Mathys

    Sustainable Food Process Engineering